The Home of The Delicious Cakes

Hi, I’m Kathy Canby! I love all the aspects of cake design: baking a moist and delicious product, decorating it artistically and, most of all, helping nice people celebrate the happy times in their lives. It is vital to me that your cake tastes great and looks beautiful. I want to work with you to make your special cake unique and memorable. I love working with my clients to bring their vision for their celebration to life, on a cake that’s not only beautiful, but also very tasty.


As an experienced baker and cake decorator, I’ve worked on many different types of designs that not only add a tasty dessert to the celebration, but also keeps everyone talking about how amazing the cake was. The cake can be such an important part of most celebrations and the planning and creativity that goes into the cake is what makes it special. One of my favorite parts of making cakes is seeing the client’s reaction when they see the finished product. I take great pride in making cakes that help make any event more memorable and special.

cakesI love making cakes for all types of celebrations, but wedding cakes are a particular favorite. Working with the bride and groom to come up with the best cake to celebrate their special day is one of the things I love most about my job. Everything from the initial cake tasting, to the wedding day when the cake is presented to the couple, I love the entire process. The multi-tiered wedding cake is a popular request from many couples, but I’ve also done wedding cakes that are unique and particular to the vision of the wedding. Groom’s cakes are a fun way to step outside the norm and try something fun, maybe a unique flavor combination or fun design, that goes along with a particular interest of the groom.

Birthday cakes are lots of fun to make. I especially love making children’s birthday cakes as there is no limit to the creativity I can use. I’ve done many different character cakes, themed cakes, and fun flavored cakes for children’s birthdays. When it comes to birthday cakes, the sky is the limit as far as creativity goes.

If you’re planning a birthday party, anniversary celebration, wedding or any special event, I’d love to bake and decorate your dream cake. Please contact me and come into the bakery for a tasting of samples so we can plan out your vision. The right cake can make the event even that more special. If the occasion is a romantic one – I can even suggest you some lovely ideas for a romantic gift with the cake. I look forward to working with new clients and also love when my clients come back for another event after being pleased with my cakes. Call or come by so we can begin planning the cake for your next special event.